The Reform Ready ED: Improving Quality, Outcomes and the Care Experience

Innovative strategies for creating a culture of safety in the ED.

Discover what successful organizations are doing to improve the performance of their emergency departments—now indisputably the main point of entry into the healthcare system. Examine healthcare reform opportunities and high-leverage initiatives for improving quality, outcomes and the experience of care in the ED.

You'll Learn:

  • Understand the new CMS performance benchmarks for EDs and how size and patient acuity impact them
  • Apply new and proven ED flow models and address the key issues that make the ED a unique healthcare environment
  • Gain solutions to communication issues distinctly found in the ED
  • Discuss EMTALA, HIPAA and patient rights in the ED
  • Discover how penalties for hospital acquired conditions can be addressed in the ED setting
  • Implement strategies for managing the growing violence problem in the ED
  • Explore resolutions to the ED on-call crisis

Presented by:

Shari J. Welch, MD, FACHE, FACEP

Through discussions, case studies and breakout sessions seminar leader Shari J. Welch, MD, FACHE, FACEP, practicing emergency physician and a quality improvement consultant, presents tools and techniques to tackle legal concerns and make the ED safer for patients and for the organization.

This seminar was formerly titled "Risky Business: How High-Performing Emergency Departments Manage Risk."

Shari Welch, MD, FACHE, FACEP, will present all future offerings. Sarah Fontenot, JD, will no longer present.


Who Should Attend

Senior executives, department heads and clinical executives

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