Author Manual



Thank you for choosing to publish with Health Administration Press (HAP). We are pleased to serve as your publisher. (Please note that if you are not a HAP author but you would like to propose a book to HAP, you can click here for information on getting started.)

Our authors are our most important asset, and in an effort to support you and facilitate a smooth publication process, HAP has created a set of guidelines and instructions that explain the physical format and editorial standards we use when producing books. The purpose of these guidelines is twofold. First, we hope they will answer any questions you may have as you prepare your manuscript for publication with HAP. Second, we hope that following these guidelines will make it easier for us to work together to produce a book that is both editorially sound and esthetically pleasing.

Our staff will be working with you throughout the entire publishing process. In the meantime we hope that these guidelines will address the questions that nearly every author has when it comes time to finalize and submit a manuscript for publication.

Manuscript Preparation

Preparing and Submitting Your Final Manuscript

Instructor's Manual Guidelines (PDF)

Acting as the Volume Editor

Reference/Citation Guidelines

Obtaining Permissions and Releases

Author's To-Do List


The Production Process


Ready, Set . . . Market!

Marketing Questionnaire