Pre-Approval of ACHE Qualified Education Credit Organizations Only

After reading the information below, download a PDF application for preapproval of ACHE Qualified Education credit.

  • Background and Definition
  • The American College of Healthcare Executives offers a voluntary credentialing program that allows its members the opportunity to earn certification and recognition among peers as a healthcare executive. As part of this credentialing program, candidates are required to participate in a minimum number of continuing education hours each year.

    A contact hour for face-to-face programs is defined as 60 minutes of instructional time, and excludes time allotted to meals, breaks, and other time not dedicated to instruction.

    ACHE Face-to-Face programming is defined as credit that is earned through ACHE-approved chapter panel discussions and programs offered by the national organization.

    ACHE Qualified Education programming is defined as credit that is earned through programs offered by ACHE, chapters or other qualified sources, whether the programming is face-to-face or distance offerings (webinars, online seminars, self-study courses, etc.).

    Recognition of high-quality educational programs sponsored by organizations other than the American College of Healthcare Executives coupled with the increased demand for pre-approval of these programs has prompted ACHE to establish the following standards for organizations requesting pre-approval of ACHE Qualified Education credit.

  • Criteria
      1. Continuing Education Organization. The only groups that will be pre- approved for ACHE Qualified Education programming are those that have developed specific continuing education functions or activities as part of their business functions at their corporate structure.

      2. Company-Sponsored Continuing Education.  Attendance at company-sponsored education programs does not fulfill the criteria for attendance at ACHE Qualified Education programs unless the program is presented by an external organization and meets the criteria relative to program content,  program provider, and program length in contact hours for appropriateness.

      3. Minimum Number of Programs. The organization must conduct at least three different educational programs annually. The same program presented three different times is not acceptable.  Large  programs with several different seminars, such as annual conferences are considered one seminar.

      4. Program Focus. Each continuing healthcare management education program must:
        • address a topic directly related to the practice of healthcare management.
        • be conducted by qualified instructors with experience in management education who are able to determine educational needs, plan a program, select additional faculty, and implement and evaluate the program.
        • provide an appropriate number of hours of instruction to adequately address the topic in question, but no less than 60 minutes in duration.

      5. Program Evaluation. The organization's continuing education programs must have a formal evaluation process. The organization must provide evidence of this evaluation process in the application, and be conducted by qualified professionals with experience in healthcare management education.

      6. Full-time Staffing.   Organizations must maintain full-time paid staff.  This includes local chapters/subsidiaries of a national organization.

      7. Webinars.  Organizations requesting preapproval of webinars are required to present a minimum of three different real-time (synchronous) webinars annually.  In addition, slides must be presented with the application.  Online courses, and correspondence type courses are not eligible for preapproval.
  • Application Process
  • To receive pre-approval of ACHE Qualified Education credits for all programming, the following information must be submitted to ACHE at least six weeks prior to the first scheduled program.

      1. Documentation. A completed application including the mission of the organization and how it relates to continuing education, classification of the institution or organization applying for pre-approval, typical continuing education offerings, target audience, number of continuing education activities in the last year, and evidence of program evaluation including: information describing the methods used to evaluate programs, a sample of a participant evaluation form and a description of how the evaluation information is used. In addition, a copy of faculty biographies for all listed educational events must be included with the application.

      2. Program Listing. A listing of the programs for the coming year that will receive pre-approval, including: dates, titles, estimated number of participants, names of the faculty, time duration of each educational event, and the agenda for the educational event(s). For late additions to the schedule, the above stated information must be forwarded to the ACHE as soon as it is available.

      3. Sponsorship Organization. The sponsoring organization must be responsible for developing the program content.  In a jointly sponsored program,  only the pre-approved organization may grant ACHE Qualified Education credits.  If the other organization wishes to offer ACHE Qualified Education credit, they also need pre-approval.

      4. Application Fee. An application fee of $600 will be assessed each time an organization applies or reapplies for pre-approval of educational programming.
  • Duration
  • Each organization will be required to reapply every three years for this pre-approval. In the interim, the organization will be required to send ACHE a yearly update of the programs that will be approved for the coming year. The pre-approval will be non-transferable to other organizations and will be granted for jointly-sponsored programs only if the approved organization is the primary sponsor of the program.

  • Marketing by Pre-approved Organizations
  • Once an organization is authorized to grant ACHE Qualified Education credits hours by the ACHE, the organization is encouraged to use the following statements in promotional materials related to educational event(s):

    "(Organization name) is authorized to award (XX) hours of pre-approved ACHE Qualified Education credit for this program toward advancement or recertification in the American College of Healthcare Executives. Participants in this program wishing to have the continuing education hours applied toward ACHE Qualified Education credit should indicate their attendance when submitting application to the American College of Healthcare Executives for advancement or recertification."

Download an application for preapproval of ACHE Qualified Education credit.

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