Invitation to Speak at the 2016 Congress on Healthcare Leadership

Congress offers sessions on the most current topics and the opportunity to learn from recognized healthcare leaders and your peers.

The 2016 Congress will be held in Chicago on March 14–17, 2016. Proposals will be accepted through May 8, 2015.

Submit a proposal for the 2016 Congress

Submission Guidelines

Session Topics

Please take a look at the topics below. Preference will be given to those proposals that fit the identified Topics of Interest. While these topics may appear broad, each topic has several sub-categories from which to choose. Keep in mind that they will be viewed in light of their relevancy to current trends and the operational needs of our members. Most importantly, the proposals should explicitly describe applicable take away tools and practical knowledge that will be part of the session.

To view subtopics, click on the arrows to the left of each topic.

Expand Career Management/Workforce Issues
Expand Facility Design and Planning
Expand Healthcare Finance
Expand Healthcare Reform Strategies and Tactics
Expand Healthcare Operations
Expand Information and Clinical Technology
Expand Organizational Development and Leadership
Expand Patient and Care Management
Expand Physician Relationships and Partnerships
Expand Quality and Patient Safety

Session Focus and Restrictions

Focus of the Sessions
The sessions focus on your experience as a healthcare leader, enterprise decision-maker or implementer of technologies or processes. Proposals should generally be consistent with that focus, and/or any new methodology, techniques or tools used to support such application.
View a sample proposal (PDF)

Responsibilities of the Lead Presenter
The lead presenter is responsible for the format and content of the presentation and for ensuring that materials are correctly assembled. He/she will also be the primary contact with ACHE. If your proposal is accepted and your co-presenter cancels, the lead presenter is charged with securing a replacement that is acceptable to ACHE.

No Commercial Content
Submissions will not be selected if they appear to directly promote specific products/services or are of a commercial nature. Likewise, if your submission is selected, ACHE has the right to request that you make modifications to keep your session within the “no commercial content” restrictions.

Proposal Limits
Proposals will be limited to three (3) per organization. This limit applies for any presenter regardless of whether he/she is a lead or a co-presenter. In the event that more than three proposals are submitted, only the first three received will be considered.

Criteria for Acceptance of Proposal

To assist you in submitting a successful proposal, we suggest that you review the following list. While not all of the criteria must be met, selected proposals generally meet most of them. Proposals should:

  • Address a topic of critical interest to healthcare executives
  • Make sure that key elements of your presentation are described in a clear and logical fashion
  • Illustrate the experience and expertise of all presenters
  • Note any presenters with experience speaking or publishing with ACHE
  • Include at least one current healthcare executive as a presenter
  • Have practical application and focus on solutions and not just the problem
  • Show the content as delivered in the timeframe selected (90 min or 3 hr)
  • Demonstrate originality and innovation
  • Provide “take home” tools or new techniques or strategies
  • Encourage audience interaction

Speaker Compensation

Congress speakers are compensated per the session format below. Speakers will receive complimentary basic Congress registration. Fees for additional events beyond the basic Congress registration fee and travel expenses are the full responsibility of the speakers.

  • 1.5 hour session offered once*
    Two speakers will receive a $400 honorarium each up to a maximum of $800.
  • 1.5 hour session offered twice*
    Two speakers will receive an $800 honorarium each, up to a maximum of $1,600.
  • 3.0 hour session offered once*
    Two speakers will receive an $800 honorarium each up to a maximum of $1,600.
  • 3.0 hour Panel session
    The panel will receive a $1,600 honorarium to be divided among speakers as specified.

*In cases of three or more speakers, the maximum compensation will be divided equally among the speakers. It is strongly suggested that 1.5-hour sessions have a maximum of three speakers.

Except under extraordinary circumstances, additional speakers or panelists may not be added after proposal acceptance. ACHE pre-approval is always required for any speakers added after the close of the proposal process.

For more information contact Abie Betts, Administrative Assistant, Professional Development, at (312) 424-9351 or