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How to Improve Your Competitive Strategy course
Order No.: 1197

Healthcare organizations must fast track their efforts to implement and sustain competitive strategies to weather the storms ahead and stretch the vision of what they must achieve to stay viable.

This course will address the following:

  • What is competitive strategy?
  • How to carry out state-of-the-art competitive strategy analysis
  • What is a dynamic, future-oriented competitive strategy?
  • How to get started on implementing competitive strategy

Corresponding book: Improve Your Competitive Strategy: A Guide for the Healthcare Executive, by Alan M. Zuckerman, FACHE, FAAHC. Order Number: 1147


Prices: Affiliates-$325 per course; nonaffiliates-$405 per course. The corresponding book is 20% off when purchased with a course. Postage and handling fee will be added.

About the author: Alan M. Zuckerman, FACHE, FAAHC, is a founding partner and director of Health Strategies & Solutions, Inc., a leading national healthcare consulting firm. Mr. Zuckerman has been a management consultant for 30 years, working exclusively for healthcare providers across the United States.

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