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Management Innovations

Submissions for the 2015 Management Innovations Poster Session will be accepted Oct. 1, 2014, through Jan. 20, 2015. The poster session will take place at the 2015 Congress on Healthcare Leadership in Chicago, March 16–19, 2015.

We are interested in innovations on issues affecting your organization that might be helpful to others, including improving quality or efficiency, improving patient or physician satisfaction, implementation of electronic medical records, uses of new technology, and similar topics.

Take advantage of this opportunity to:

  • Show the areas in which your organization excels
  • Discuss your new programs with other leaders
  • Participate in a healthcare activity that counts toward advancement or recertification in ACHE
  • Interact with other researchers and practitioners

Selection Criteria

Abstracts should be one page in length and submitted as an email attachment to To enter, please include the following in your abstract:

  • Title
  • Objective of program
  • Planning/research methods
  • Implementation methods
  • Results (e.g., cost savings, increased productivity, improved quality of care)

A chief criterion for judging the entries will be explicitness of the results. For example, judges will want to know the dollar amount of revenues raised, degree of improvement of satisfaction scores, etc.

All accepted applicants will be expected to be available to discuss their posters on Monday, March 16, 2015, between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m., and posters will remain on display from March 16–18, 2015, at Congress.

The top innovations will be published in the 2015 Management Innovations booklet placed on, and they will be displayed during Congress. In addition, the participant presenting the innovation judged to be the most creative, broadly applicable and useful to the healthcare management field will receive a Health Administration Press book of his or her choice. Award winners will be announced at the Malcolm T. MacEachern Memorial Lecture and Luncheon on Tuesday, March 17, 2015.

Presenting at Congress does not preclude you publishing your work in other forums. By submitting an abstract to the American College of Healthcare Executives ("ACHE"), you are granting to ACHE a royalty-free, worldwide and perpetual license to use, reproduce, post, publish and distribute your abstract, in whole or in part, in any way in the future, with appropriate attribution to you.

You may wish to review previous years' abstracts for the Management Innovations Poster Session:

The following is a list of presentations from the 2014 Management Innovations Poster Session:

Patient Safety and Quality

Enhanced Recovery for Enhanced Outcomes: the Mayo Clinic in Arizona Experience
Kripa Krishnan, Roshanak Didehban, FACHE, T'Nita Waters, et al.
Abstract (PDF) Poster (PDF)
Innovating and Developing Patient Flow and Throughput Strategies: Implementation of the STAT Acuity Nurse
Dina M. Pilipczuk, Shonda W. Morrow, RN, Sandra Connolly, RN, et al.
Abstract (PDF) Poster (PDF)
Reducing Boarding in the Emergency Department: Achieving Alignment and Culture Change Across Hospital Departments and Services
Paris B. Lovett, MD, Brain E. Sweeney, RN, FACHE, Megan L. Illg, et al.
Abstract (PDF) Poster (PDF)
Tackling ED Recidivism: Creating Individual Care Plans in the Emergency Department
Cathy A. Cassara, CHPN, RN, Nan E. Coulon, RN, Lisa A. Hall, CCM, RN, Trent Gordon, FACHE, et al.
Abstract (PDF)


Expense Reduction Challenge in an Academic Medical Center, a Multidisciplinary Approach
Laura Pappagallo, RN, Duffy Suba, Roshanak Didehban, FACHE, et al.
Abstract (PDF) Poster (PDF)
Improving OR Utilization and First Case On-Time Starts Using Lean Methodology at the VA Eastern Colorado Health Care System
Adam C. Roberts, Gurdev Rai, MD, Stephen Szapor
Abstract (PDF) Poster (PDF)
Managing Staffing Expense by Monitoring Productivity
Amy Marcotte Albano, RN, FACHE
Abstract (PDF) Poster (PDF)
Pre-Operative Exam—A Patient Tool that Improves Efficient Use of Services
Roshanak Didehban, FACHE, Kripa Krishnan, Laura Pappagallo, RN, et al.
Abstract (PDF) Poster (PDF)
Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing for Rotator Cuff Disease at an Academic Medical Center
Erin Padden, Meredith Wallace, Judith Li, et al.
Abstract (PDF) Poster (PDF)
Performance Improvement in the Hospital Emergency Department Using the Manufacturing Lean Tools: A Study in a Saudi Hospital
Ehab A. Yaseen, PhD, Alber G. Paules, MD
Abstract (PDF) Poster (PDF)


Financial and Quality Impact of Voice Recognition Versus Dictation/Transcription on Emergency Medicine Records
Roshanak Didehban, FACHE, Stephen J. Traub, MD, Duffy Suba
Abstract (PDF) Poster (PDF)
Leading Innovation: Launching TeleHealth Services
Sandra Bannister, Lisa Malone-Buffong, Nolan Chang, MD
Abstract (PDF) Poster (PDF)
The Impact of Physician Secondary Telephone Triage on Emergency Department and Office Visit Utilization
William Ward, MD, Abena Anyane-Yeboah, Quratulain Saeed, et al.
Abstract (PDF) Poster (PDF)
Using Change Management to Adopt a New Patient Care Model
Lorraine D. Uthke, FACHE, Hope Greig, FACHE
Abstract (PDF) Poster (PDF)

Workforce Management

Return on Investment Analysis for a Work School Program to Meet Market Demand for RNs in Southeast and East Texas
Gerald Goodman, DrPH, Trisha L. Wooten
Abstract (PDF) Poster (PDF)

Patient-Centered Care

Developing Health System and Nursing Home Cross System Collaborations
Julie R. Idoine, Jamehl L. Demons, MD, Pamela W. Duncan, PhD, et al.
Abstract (PDF) Poster (PDF)
Implementation of a Focused Patient Mobility Program
Roger C. Anderson
Abstract (PDF)
Patient Logistics Center: Improving Patient Throughput
Derek Anderson, Maude Martocci, RN
Abstract (PDF) Poster (PDF)
Best Poster Award Winner
VA Eastern Colorado Health Care System Successful Strategic Planning through Patient-Centered Lean
Amanda S. Eckman, RN
Abstract (PDF) Poster (PDF)
Valuing Leadership and Organizational Learning when Implementing a Multi-disciplinary Care Team
Jonathan Labovitz, DPM
Abstract (PDF) Poster (PDF)