Journal of Healtcare Management: Digital Edition

Volume 60, Number 1
January/February 2014

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Interview with Beaufort B. Longest Jr., PhD, FACHE, Professor of Health Policy and Management at University of Pittsburgh
Bita A. Kash


The Scale Imperative for Academic Medical Centers: Part 1--Approach
Alan M. Zuckerman and Robert N. Golden


The Per Capita Payment Model
William R. Edmondson


Journal Rankings by Health Management Faculty Members: Are There Differences by Rank, Leadership Status, or Area of Expertise?
Nir Menachemi, Tory H. Hogan, and Jami L. DelliFraine
Practitioner Application: Jeffrey A. Flaks

Characterizing Primary Care Visit Activities at Veterans Health Administration Clinics
Jennifer C. Gutierrez, Christian Terwiesch, Mary Pelak, Amy R. Pettit, and Steven C. Marcus
Practitioner Application: Ryan Campbell

Understanding High-Reliability Organizations: Are Baldrige Recipients Models?
John R. Griffith
Practitioner Application: Jayne E. Pope

Improving Capacity Management in the Emergency Department: A Review of the LIterature, 2000-2012
Deirdre McCaughey, Cathleen O. Erwin, and Jami L. DelliFraine
Practitioner Application: Lynn McVey