Acting as the Volume Editor

If you are the volume editor of a collection of contributed chapters or works compiled from other sources, you will be responsible for seeing that a complete, well-organized manuscript is submitted to Health Administration Press (HAP). In addition, you will be responsible for corresponding with your contributors throughout the publication process.

The specific responsibilities of a volume editor include the following:

1. Soliciting and assembling manuscripts in electronic form from contributors (or compiling reprinted materials). The chapters should be uniform in their format, with the same reference style used throughout the book.

2. Providing HAP with complete names and addresses for all contributors so that every contributor can be sent a Publication Agreement or Work-for-Hire Agreement for signature.

3. Obtaining permissions from the copyright holders of all reprinted material. Contributors may be asked to obtain permissions for borrowed material, but the volume editor has final responsibility for delivering all necessary permissions to HAP. See Obtaining Permissions and Releases.

4. Reviewing works submitted by contributors to make sure they are well written, well documented, accurate in their content, and suitable for publication in the compiled volume. As necessary, you will work with contributors to revise or rewrite.

5. Deciding and informing contributors in advance whether they will receive the copyedited manuscript or page proofs for their review and keeping contributors informed of the scheduled dates for their review.

6. Submitting with the manuscript a title page, table of contents, preface, and list of contributors with complete names and affiliations.

7. Reviewing the manuscript after it has been copyedited and, if desired, sending copies of the edited chapters to contributors and collecting and returning the copies to HAP by the scheduled return date. If contributors have made conflicting edits, it is you, the volume editor, who makes a final determination and conveys one final decision to the HAP editor.

8. Ensuring that all author queries on the edited manuscript are answered (either on behalf of the contributors or in conjunction with the contributors).

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