Marketing Questionnaire

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Title of book: ___________________________________________________________

Your name: _____________________________________________________________

Please answer the questions below. You may either answer the questions in the spaces provided or answer via e-mail or on separate pieces of paper, using the corresponding numbers. Your input is greatly appreciated and very helpful to us as we develop the promotion plan for your book.

1. Please summarize, in 200 words or less, the contents of your book. (This summary may be a major source of potential promotional copy for your book.)





2. What specific features of your book will entice readers who already own material on this topic to purchase your book? In other words, what makes your book unique in the marketplace? (If the topic of your book is relatively unexplored, please explain why readers will be interested in the topic.)



3. Who is the target audience for this book? (Please include job titles and organization types.) If your book can be used as a textbook, in what types of classes and programs could this book be used?



4. Could you supply mailing lists or e-mail lists that we could use to promote the book? If so, please describe these lists. (We are interested in obtaining client lists, association lists, etc.)



5. List the names of any conferences you think we should contact about book display opportunities.


6. List the names of Web sites or associations you think we should contact about promoting your book.



7. List the names of publications you think are likely to publish a review of your book. (Also, list any contacts you have at these publications.)


8. List the name(s) and contact information for anyone you think may be willing to review chapters of your book and provide a testimonial.


9. Please list any other marketing ideas or comments.


Thank you very much for completing this questionnaire. Please return it along with your signed contract. If you respond by e-mail, please send your responses to

Should you have any questions or wish to discuss any of the above, feel free to contact Michael E. Cunningham, Asst. Director, at

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