Author's Checklist

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Writing a manuscript and pulling together all the pieces required for publishing your book is an involved process. Use this checklist to help remember all the steps.

Have you:

_____ Completed and returned the Marketing Questionnaire

_____ Prepared the electronic file for the manuscript

_____ Prepared hard copy of the manuscript

_____ Double spaced the manuscript

_____ Paginated the manuscript

_____ Prepared a cover page with the book title and authors' full names as they will appear in the book

_____ Prepared a Table of Contents and About the Author

_____ Prepared all other applicable frontmatter (e.g., Preface, Acknowledgments, Dedication)

_____ Prepared all other applicable backmatter (e.g., Bibliography, About the Contributors, Appendixes, Glossary)

_____ Submitted all figures referenced in the text according to the artwork guidelines

_____ Submitted all tables referenced in the text

_____ Included complete reference list(s) for all references cited in the text

_____ Obtained and submitted all permissions required to reprint or adapt borrowed material

_____ Completed, if applicable, an Instructor's Manual

_____ Submitted, if applicable, information for Contributors' Agreements

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