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Leading with Meaning: Tapping the Deeper Dimensions course
Order code: 2081

What is the secret of successful healthcare leaders? They tap into the deeper dimensions of organizational culture—trust, respect, pride and joy. By helping staff and physicians rediscover their passion, these leaders inspire commitment and high performance. This course explains how the deeper dimensions affect motivation and how you can incorporate the dimensions into your personal leadership style. You will also learn about striking the balance between business and relationship aspects of leadership.

Book needed to complete this course: Leadership's Deeper Dimensions: Building Blocks to Superior Performance, by Tom Atchison, Ed.D. Purchase this accompanying book for $31 (20% off the original price) when you purchase the Self-Study course.


Prices: Affiliates-$325 per course; non affiliates-$405 per course. The corresponding book is 20% off when purchased with a course. Postage and handling fee will be added.

About the author: Tom Atchison, Ed.D., is president and founder of Atchison Consulting, LLC. Since 1984, Dr. Atchison has consulted with healthcare organizations on managed-change programs, teambuilding, and leadership development. Dr. Atchison presents to thousands of healthcare professionals a year on the elements of effective organizations.


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