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Ray E. Brown Management Resource Center

Advancing Healthcare Management

The Ray E. Brown Fund was established in 1971 to recognize ACHE's former Chairman, Gold Medal recipient and founder of the Congress on Healthcare Leadership. Originally used to fund a collection of general management books, in 2005 the board approved use of the proceeds to support the Ray E. Brown Management Resource Center. The Ray E. Brown Management Resource Center is divided into four sections.

Strategies for Excellence

Organized into 18 content areas, this section supplements the menus and search functionality of and includes downloadable PDF articles from Healthcare Executive, selected books for purchase from Health Administration Press and other resources such as the ACHE Code of Ethics.

Content Areas

Databases, Statistical Resources and Research

This section includes convenient links to resources such as Health, United States, Healthy People, WHO World Health Statistics, and a summary PowerPoint presentation based on Futurescan 2013–2018, as well as ACHE research studies, Key Industry Facts and abstracts from the management innovation poster session at the Congress on Healthcare Leadership.

Non-ACHE Periodicals, Newsletters and Reports

Included in this section are links to online versions of specific non-ACHE periodicals. Some of these publications may require subscriptions to view the full versions of articles. This section also includes a link to to assist you in locating articles.

Association, Foundation and Agency Links

This section provides a convenient way to access links to Web sites of healthcare and governmental organizations, as well as selected nonprofit organizations dealing with healthcare issues.