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Leader-to-Leader 2014 Top Achievers

In 2014, 2,584 healthcare leaders joined ACHE or attained the FACHE® credential because of encouragement from members like you. This great number for the Leader-to-Leader Program would not have been possible without member support.

Thank you to all who helped grow ACHE through this program!

These individuals were recognized as the top Leader-to-Leader participants in 2014.

Hospitals, Health Systems and Other Healthcare-Related Settings Category:

  • Zane M. Burke

Academic Category:

  • Nancy Borkowski, DBA, FACHE
  • Dolores G. Clement, DrPH, FACHE
  • Demetria L. Wilhite

Uniformed Services/Veterans Affairs Category:

  • CPT Christopher L. Armijo
  • Dianne R. Manuel
  • Charles E. Sepich, FACHE
  • Lidia P. Webb, RN, FACHE
  • CPT John R. Wolf

Special thanks to the following people for recruiting or advancing three or more members in 2014:

Katie M. Abbott
Faisal H. Aboul-Enein, PhD, RN
Yousuf J. Ahmad, DrPH, FACHE
CPT Christopher L. Armijo
Kurt A. Barwis, FACHE
Nancy Borkowski, DBA, FACHE
David L. Brown, MD, FACHE
Richard Buchler, FACHE
Zane M. Burke
Darlena D. Chadwick, RN, FACHE
Dolores G. Clement, DrPH, FACHE
James W. Connolly, FACHE
Monifa Drayton
John T. Evans
Jill Fragoso, FACHE
Timothy M. Gaillard, FACHE
Laurie A. Gehrt
Eric B. Gilliam
Eric Grafals, JD, FACHE
Garrett C. Havican, FACHE
Ellie Heinrich, FACHE
Keith M. Hobbs, FACHE
Sara M. Johnson, FACHE
Janice C. Keys, FACHE
Kim A. King, FACHE
Rick Majzun, FACHE
Dianne R. Manuel
Juan C. Marcial Vega, FACHE
Michael A. Mayo, FACHE
Sondra T. McGinnis, RN, FACHE
Sonja F. McLendon, FACHE
Gregory Neukirch
John Nhieu
Samuel L. Odle, FACHE
Carrie Owen Plietz, FACHE
Craig Peterson

Michael A. Petrochuk, DBA, FACHE
Douglas M. Roberts
Renee B. Romberger, FACHE
Jerald W. Rumph, FACHE
Elizabeth A. Ryan
Baljeet S. Sangha, FACHE
Krishnan K. Sankaranarayanan
Harry C. Sax, MD, FACHE
John L. Schinske, FACHE
Charles E. Sepich, FACHE
Scott L. Serbin
Fred S. Sganga, FACHE
Cardell E. Shortt
Jyric E. Sims, FACHE
Brian Singleton
Diana L. Smalley, FACHE
Readus C. Smith III, FACHE
Rick E. Smith, FACHE
Kevin M. Spiegel, FACHE
Rulon F. Stacey, PhD, FACHE
Edward P. Syron, PhD, FACHE
Jesse Tamplen, FACHE
Kevin L. Unger, FACHE
Christopher D. Van Gorder, FACHE
Lidia P. Webb, RN, FACHE
Kevin F. Weeks
Tim Weidman
Adam K. Weinstein, FACHE
Wheatley M. Wentzell
Daniel J. West Jr., PhD, FACHE
Kenneth R. White, PhD, RN, FACHE
Demetria L. Wilhite
Jeanne C. Wohlford, RN, FACHE
CPT John R. Wolf
Peter J. Wright, FACHE
Derick B. Ziegler, FACHE