2012 to 2014 Credentialing Changes

Throughout ACHE’s history the requirements for becoming board certified have evolved to ensure that the process of earning the FACHE credential and being recertified is rigorous, reflecting current trends and the significance of the credential as an indicator of professional development and commitment.

At its November 2010 meeting, the ACHE Board of Governors revised the requirements associated with earning the FACHE credential and for recertification to address the need for face-to-face education and to increase the required continuing education credits.

The changes, which also impact the definition of Category I (ACHE education) hours, will be fully implemented January 1, 2014. The detailed decision and rationale are contained in the attached document "Strengthening the Value of Fellowship: A Learning Community of Peers (November 2010)."

"Changes in FACHE Continuing Education Requirements: Q&A" provides answers to key questions and highlights new changes in continuing education terminology. A Quick Reference Guide presents the key points in an easy-to-read format.

For clarification on the changes, please contact the Customer Service Center at (312) 424-9400 or