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The Thomas C. Dolan Executive Diversity Program

Meet the Class of 2014

Six scholars have been selected for the inaugural Thomas C. Dolan Executive Diversity Program.

Leslie Burnside

Leslie Burnside
System Director, Network Development & Physician Relations
UNC Health Care
Chapel Hill, N.C.

“I appreciate and respect the public dedication ACHE has made through its Statement on Diversity as so many of us are challenged to reflect the diversity of our patient populations and create affirming environments. [+]

I hope to gain a renewed perspective on diversity within my own community; become as knowledgeable as possible about the new healthcare era; bring more creativity and innovation to my ready organization; focus on my development to make an impact quickly; and have the opportunity to become a Fellow within ACHE.”

Jaquetta B. Clemons, DrPH

Jaquetta B. Clemons, DrPH
System Director, Community Health/Benefit
CHRISTUS Health System
Irving, Texas

“Diversity considerations are paramount to successful community outreach. In my role, I want to bring business acumen to community health discussions. [+]

Such perspective supports the shift from transactional hospital services to holistic healthcare. This program will augment my abilities to join executive conversations on population health, especially from the perspective of diverse communities. Consequently, CHRISTUS will be better positioned to leverage community diversity to maximize public health investment decisions.”

Heriberto Cruz

Heriberto “Eddie” Cruz
Vice President, Operations
Access Community Health Network

“My career embodies the values of ACHE's Statement on Diversity. Diversity is not only about gender or race; it is also about our beliefs, experiences and backgrounds. [+]

Being aware of our differences gives us the opportunity to learn from each other and be enriched by new ideas for the greater good. An environment of inclusiveness helps improve accessibility and quality, which are important for their own sake and for improving health outcomes and reducing disparities.”

Gayathri S. Jith, FACHE

Gayathri S. Jith, FACHE
Senior Vice President, Strategy and Operations
Valley Presbyterian Hospital
Van Nuys, Calif.

“The hallmark of this program is recognizing the needs in leadership roles for leading a diverse workforce and patient population. [+]

I would like to see that the proverbial glass ceiling break in opportunity for leaders. Participation in this program would allow me to refine my skills, gain confidence and inspire future healthcare leaders to emerge from the underrepresented communities into leadership roles. I look forward to expanding my network intimately within this cohort and contribute to the diversity discussions in this new era.”

Jan Manary, RN

Jan Manary, RN
Captain, Nurse Corps
U.S. Navy, Reserve Component
Arlington, Va.

“Cultural and ethical diversity can be leveraged to build bridges creating an environment of cultural competence that recognizes and supports individuality. [+]

These bridges support talent recruitment and the active involvement of multicultural community members in all aspects of organizational planning and care delivery processes. The strength of organizational diversity is directly linked to leadership; I am a leader that embraces diversity. As a member of ACHE, the Statement on Diversity supports my leadership philosophy; a philosophy that seeks to leverage differences to support and enhance the organizational mission and vision.”

Patrick Ramirez

Patrick Ramirez
Administrative Director
UCSF Medical Center
San Francisco

“I strongly believe that participating in the Thomas C. Dolan Executive Diversity Program will help me develop the tools I need to make it to the next level. [+]

I look forward to building a strong support network within the cohort, the ongoing mentoring and the countless other leadership-building opportunities the program will provide.”