Senior-Level Management Positions in Managed Care

Position Titles

Chief executive officers, chief operating officers, chief financial officers, senior vice presidents for marketing and sales, vice presidents for contract management and negotiations, vice presidents for regional clinical services, and vice presidents for managed care


A master's degree and at least 10 years of progressive management experience are required. Knowledge of strategy building and experience in positioning products and services in the marketplace is preferred.

Expected Abilities, Skills, and Knowledge

  • Knowledge of raising capital, insurance and reimbursement regulations, risk management, strategic planning, operations, and information technology support
  • Broad understanding of systems management and the effect of market and environmental changes on the organization
  • Experience in designing delivery systems
  • Excellent communication skills, particularly in articulating organizational mission and metrics

Salary Range

Senior-level healthcare executives at the CEO and COO level earn base salaries from $150,000 to $250,000. Total compensation is often substantially more when bonuses and stock options are available.

Typical Hours per Week

Senior-level executives can expect to work 70 hours or more per week.