2002-2003 Governance Implementation Task Force

2002-2003 Annual Report

Summary: The Governance Implementation Task Force reviewed progress made in the development and delivery of chapter benefits, a proposed schedule and process for the deployment of a chapter network, a proposed chapter agreement, and refinements to the criteria for chapter status. The task force also reviewed proposed changes to the ACHE Bylaws for 2003.


The Governance Implementation Task Force was established to oversee the activities of ACHE staff in implementing the recommendations of the 2000-2001 Governance Task Force and to consider further efforts needed to implement the direction of that report. The task force met August 29, 2002. A summary of the task force's activities follows:


The task force reviewed and approved a proposed schedule of activities needed from September 2002 through November 2003 to provide the policies and infrastructure to support the formation of ACHE chapters.


The task force reviewed and approved proposed adjustments to the previously approved criteria for chapter status. The changes were made to clarify the criteria and add new criteria felt to be needed in order to insure a positive working relationship between ACHE and prospective chapters. The changes also adjusted the window of time by which the chapter must comply with several of the criteria. The revised criteria were placed on the fall district meeting agenda for discussion by Regents and demonstration group liaisons.


The task force members carefully reviewed the contract language proposed by ACHE legal counsel for the contract between ACHE and the prospective chapter. They made a number of detailed suggestions which substantially changed the content and form of the contract. The task force asked ACHE staff to revise the contract with the assistance of legal counsel and distribute it to the demonstration groups for review and comment.


The task force considered the issue of how to go about the formation of chapters. They endorsed using a market planning approach to identify geographic service territories for all prospective chapters in each district. They concluded that this process holds the best probability of resulting in the orderly allocation of viable member markets among existing affiliated groups and would aid in identifying those parts of the country where new organizations are needed. The task force recommended that the approach be reviewed at fall district meetings with Regents and demonstration group liaisons.


The task force reviewed changes to the American College of Healthcare Executives Bylaws that will be considered at the 2003 Council of Regents Meeting. Those changes address the following issues:

  • Provide for ACHE Chapters
  • Make the Board of Governors the primary legislative body representing the affiliates; the Council of Regents will then serve as an advisory council

Powers that must be transferred from the Council of Regents to the Board of Governor to effect this change are the powers to:

  • Make all policy decisions
  • Approve all proposals pertaining to dues and assessments
  • Approve all changes to the Regulations Governing Admission, Advancement, and Recertification
  • Approve all changes to the Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation
  • Approve all changes to the Code of Ethics
  • Designate Districts

A marked up copy of the American College of Healthcare Executives Bylaws reflecting these changes can be found in the 2002-2003 Bylaws Committee Report.