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Gold Medal Award

The Gold Medal Award is the highest honor bestowed by the American College of Healthcare Executives on outstanding leaders who have made significant contributions to the healthcare profession. The purpose of this award is to identify ACHE Fellows who best exemplify leadership at the organizational, local, state/provincial, and national levels and who continually contribute to the improvement of the delivery of healthcare services and community health.

A maximum of two Gold Medal Awards may be awarded each year: one to an outstanding executive in a healthcare delivery organization, and the second to an executive in a nondelivery healthcare organization (alliances, associations, universities, consulting firms, etc.).

The 2015 winners have been selected: Kevin E. Lofton, FACHE and Richard J. Umbdenstock, FACHE.

View Gold Medal Award winners.


The candidate must:

  • Be a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives.
  • Have demonstrated active leadership in the American College of Healthcare Executives.
  • Have demonstrated achievement in one or more of the following areas:
    - Leadership and Executive Performance
    - Health Services/Patient Care Delivery
    - Professional Development
    - Management and Organizational Development
    - Health Services Activities
  • Be present at ACHE’s 2016 Congress on Healthcare Leadership to receive the commendation.

Your nomination should include:

  • A nomination letter (not to exceed three pages) that highlights the characteristics listed under “Criteria.” The letter should include a brief summary of:
    - The candidate’s involvement in local, state/provincial, regional, and national healthcare and community service organizations
    - Published articles, books, and professional papers the candidate has written
    - Special commendations, awards, or honors that have been granted by civic, military, fraternal, or service organizations or any other extraordinary awards or honors
  • The candidate’s curriculum vitae.
  • Three letters of support (not to exceed two pages each), including no more than one letter from the candidate’s employing organization. Letters of support from current ACHE Board members and Chairman Officers cannot be accepted.
  • Deadline for nomination packet: August 20, 2015
  • Send nomination packet to:
    Gerard J. Berish, CAE
    American College of Healthcare Executives
    One North Franklin Street
    Suite 1700
    Chicago, IL 60606
    (312) 424-9323

Note: Nominations are valid for two years, provided the candidate remains eligible for the award.