Special Programs Information

ACHE Special Programs are offered at various locations around the country throughout the year. Special Programs are designed and geared toward our members' career interests and provide focused education and unique networking opportunities.

Board of Governors Exam Review Course

Participating in ACHE's Exam Review Course is one of the best ways to gain the confidence and knowledge you need to successfully pass the Board of Governors Exam. Faculty experts provide in-depth information on the 10 key knowledge areas covered on the Exam in this 2½-day program. You will receive 19 ACHE Face-to-Face Education credits and a waiver to take the Board of Governors Exam.

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Canadian Program

Co-Presented with the Canadian College of Health Leaders, the Canadian Program is a great opportunity to earn both 12 ACHE Face-to-Face Education credits as well as 12 Maintenance of Certification (CCHL) Category I credits. This program is offered in a Canadian province each fall and is open to all healthcare executives.

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CEO Circle Forum

The CEO of a healthcare organization has the responsibility for handling challenges that are constantly evolving. Healthcare CEOs must be on the forefront of leadership technique, industry knowledge and creativity. The CEO Circle Forum is a two-day program that focuses on sharpening and developing the essential skills participants need in the 21st century.

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COO Seminar

One of the most challenging roles in healthcare is chief operating officer. This seminar is facilitated by leading healthcare faculty and is a unique opportunity to network with and learn from fellow colleagues. The program will combine interactive discussions with casework to address the critical issues faced by today's COOs.

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Executive Program

The Executive Program is designed to equip the next generation of healthcare leaders with the essential management and operational skills to move into senior leadership positions. Program participants will acquire the necessary knowledge and tools to successfully lead organizational change and achieve leadership excellence.

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Fellows Seminar - Designed Exclusively for ACHE Fellows

The Fellows Seminar is an opportunity for ACHE Fellows to attend one of ACHE’s timely seminars in an audience of their peers. During this two-day seminar, Fellows are given the opportunity to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to excel in healthcare management.

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Fund for Innovation Programs

Donations to the Fund for Innovation in Healthcare Leadership are used to establish education programs that promote or build awareness around key areas of focus designated by the Fund, among other projects.

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Healthcare Consultants Forum Program

To stay ahead of the curve, healthcare consultants strive to deeply understand the leadership challenges their clients face in order to provide expert advice and solutions. This one-day learning and networking opportunity, designed for both new and experienced healthcare consultants, is focused on the most important professional development needs of today's healthcare consultant.

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Leaders Conference

The Leaders Conference is designed to allow emerging healthcare executives to position themselves as visionary leaders within their organizations, communities and ACHE. This highly interactive two-day program features team-building exercises, insightful personal assessments, leadership coaching, individual leadership action plans, and opportunities to network and share best practices with other forward-thinking healthcare leaders.

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Leadership Development Program

ACHE's Leadership Development Program combines group exercises with lectures, skill assessments and confidential individual coaching sessions to equip you with valuable and enlightening information about your leadership ability, your personal style, decision-making skills and how you impact them.

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Physician Executives Forum Program

This one-day education program is focused on the most important professional development needs of today's physician executive. It provides the opportunity to connect with other like-minded physician leaders and learn new strategies to effectively lead both clinical and nonclinical healthcare colleagues.

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Senior Executive Program

This unique learning series is designed to further develop operational, strategic and leadership skills for today's healthcare leaders who are poised to move into higher senior executive leadership roles.

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